Message from Director LY SENSEREY

Master of Civil Engineer

SENSEREY CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD. is a company established with my profession in Master of Civil Engineering with over 2 decades of experiences in the industry myself. In 2011, the company progressed to become a fully registered company when we only had a small team of engineers at first start. Today, with more than a decade of professional construction services, with our excellent pieces of work through many achievements, we have receiving stimulated support from many major projects in the Kingdom of Cambodia and taken pride proud in cultivating over 30 well-trained engineers and architects those who are Cambodian graduated from local and oversea universities. At SENSEREY, we truly believe in integrity that has led us to be one of the leading construction and engineering company. We committed to ensure that whatever we take, we do it in the most professional manner deliver the excellent-based quality services and products that satisfy our client’s needs and beyond. It’s still remain unchangeable foundation of all SENSEREY’s activities. 

With this reputation, SENSEREY is recognized and trusted by a leading group in China, the KX Group, which is now our main partner in building strong foundations in the construction industry for both countries. At this stage, SENSEREY has been proudly developing a mission to support the economic growth, which is the backbone of a fast-growing country like Cambodia.

I would like to thank all the partners, clients and talents who have made this journey proud and very supportive to this day. We also believe that being a leading company for more than a decades in the construction sector is not easy, but for the growth of Cambodia, we are always here to contribute to the development of the construction industry to grow for the next generation.

We are happy to discuss with you any projects that you would like to bring into life. Our experts are ready to meet you and find out more about those projects.

President, LY SENSEREY
Master of Civil Engineer